Amanda Frances Answers Questions About Modeling and Keeping Beautiful On the Road

Amanda Frances Answers Questions About Modeling and Keeping Beautiful On the Road

Amanda Frances was born in New Orleans, LA and raised in the small town of Chalmette, LA. In 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, Frances moved 20 miles south of Nashville, TN with her mother Pamela and brother Ryan to Franklin, TN. In 2006, Frances’ mother Pamela enrolled her in her first ever runway modeling class. At 16 years old, she was pulled from the class in first week by the owner of the school, who wanted her in a celebrity show in Nashville. A few years and few small shows later, Amanda picked up and moved to Los Angeles one month after turning 20 years old. She began modeling for catalogs, calendars, and small website ads. She also appeared on Fox’s The Choice in 2012. Today, Amanda is a published swimsuit and lingerie model in many magazines in the US and internationally.

How often are you traveling for your job as a model? I don't travel much since I live in New Orleans all of my work is mostly here. 

Are you a carry on or a check-in bag girl? I used to be a check-in bag girl but lately I've been trying to shove everything in a carry on.

Do you go from location to location often without a break? When shooting for FHM or Maxim there isn't too many breaks because we are all just anxious to get the shots.

Where's your favorite place to go for work? I love to shoot in Malibu because it’s very quiet and calm.

What do you do to combat dehydration while flying? I always order tomato juice on the plane. I have no idea why it’s always tomato juice, but I just love it.

Coming from NoLa, you're used to warm weather. What happens when you have a shoot in cold locations? If it’s a cold location I only shoot for two hours max because it just gets too cold.

If we were to look into your purse and/or carry on while traveling, what beauty items would we find? Dior's BB cream, a small bottle of face wash, and I have to have lip balm

When traveling, what is the one beauty item you would not leave home without? Definitely my BB cream by Dior. I love it. I feel like it’s all you need.  It’s a sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation all in one!

When on a shoot, you probably have a ton of people doing your hair and your make-up. What is the one thing that you make sure you do yourself? They always say to come in with a fresh clean face because they want do it all themselves, but I do use Prevage face moisturizer because it has spf.

You recently had your entire face "threaded.” Tell me about that experience. Facial threading can be painful and irritating if you have sensitive skin like me.  Unfortunately if my skin doesn't like something I always break out in hives or a rash! Horrible!

Do you follow a special diet, not just for your fabulous figure, but for your skin as well? I go through eating healthy like it’s a fling. One minute eating healthy and juicing my veggies and the next I'm at McDonalds, Canes, and Taco Bell every day. I definitely eat what I want, but I don't eat to get full. I snack all day. It’s all about portion control.

How do you protect yourself from sun damage during outside shoots? I always use sunscreen on my face and body.

What do you personally do to keep your hair healthy while traveling? I don't do much, but I do use sulfate-free shampoo which helps your hair grow!

Amanda'a favorite beauty product is Dior's BB creme, which acts as a foundation and as a suncreen
Amanda'a favorite beauty product is Dior's BB creme, which acts as a foundation and as a suncreen

Tell me about your fitness routine. I don't work out to often but I do enjoy hikes once or twice a week.

What’s the one thing that you're self-conscious about? Probably my nose, I hate it!

What's your most favorite aspect of your profession? I love getting the pictures. I feel like it puts me in a good mood for the whole day.

What are your plans for the future? I want to be a business owner. As for modeling, I'm just seeing where it takes me, to be honest.

What advice would you give girls who want to do what you do?  Keep the dream, visualize what you want, and be very cautious of people and fake agencies that want money. They should never ask you for money.

What does it feel like to be in Maxim? Do you feel that publications like those tend to objectify women or make them appear stronger and more powerful? It feels like a dream come true. I remember always picking one up and being like "I want to be in Maxim!" Now here I am with two Maxim magazines under my belt.  I can't say I feel objectified. I have always wanted to be a swimsuit and lingerie model. I feel sexy and empowered every time I shoot.

Regular facials have definitely paid off for Frances
Regular facials have definitely paid off for Frances

How do you feel about retouching/photoshopping images of women? I believe that pictures should only be lightly touched up if photo shopped.  Too much just looks too fake and very obvious.  It definitely can alter young girls’ visions of what they have to look like to be beautiful.

What was your most embarrassing moment during a shoot? I’d have to say it was my last shoot. I was shooting the Cover of FHM magazine and I was in a completely see through one piece in front of an entire team of people. Of course, the shots will be edited to not display any nudity. Everyone made me feel comfortable, but I think when they put music on I got in my zone and totally forgot about the outfit I was in.

Do you have any beauty tips that you want to share?  Take good care of your face! Get facials regularly, wear sunscreen every day, exercise at least 2-3 times a week, and portion control!