Ashley Naron

Ashley Naron

Ashley Naron was born in Mobile, Alabama to a loving mother and father and too many aunts, uncles, and cousins to feasably count. She is currently a senior at Tulane University, pursuing a BSM with a double major in Business Marketing and English Literature. She is considering attending Law School after she graduates, if she manages to score sufficiently on the LSAT and if she convinces herself to live off Ramen for another three to four years. She remains unsure. In any case, she wants to enter into a proffesion where she will make enough money to hire a maid, because, God knows, she can't clean. Alternatively, she could fall back on her skills as a potter and sculptor and live as a starving artist, probably in a cardboard box somewhere. At least she wouldn't have to worry about cleaning it. For now, she is currently working as an intern at, where she will continue to gain valuable skills like editing, publishing, marketing, gift wrapping prizes, moving gift bags, avoiding pictures, and sitting in corners at events. 

Articles Ashley Naron has contributed to:

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