Jeanne Souders

Jeanne Souders

The founder of has over twenty years experience in traditional and online publishing in NYC. She's written about travel, relationships, sex, fitness, beauty and health as well as traveled the world on assignments, enjoying life and reporting back to publications in the US. She's also a published photographer and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. After realizing that New Orleans was in need of an intelligent publication directed exclusively towards women and bridged the gap between various ethnicities and sexual orientations, she developed the concept of She hopes that, first and foremost, it will enrich the lives of women in the metro area and celebrate the amazing women who make this city a great place to live.

Articles Jeanne Souders has contributed to:

Niki Walker Launches A New Shade of Red

Black is the staple of fashion but red is the crayon for those who are willing to "color outside the lines" so to speak. If you're willing to take a chance and be daring, join Niki Walker in her bold endeavor to make red the new black.

The New Threesome: You, Him and Your Financial Status

In today’s economy, your balance sheet has insidiously worked its way between your bed sheets. It’s like the ex you avoid in a restaurant or the relative you don’t want to deal with during the holidays. It’s certainly not the “guest of honor” in a ménage a trois.