Katie Wiedner

Katie Wiedner

Katie grew up outside of Chicago and currently attends Tulane University. She will graduate in 2014 with a major in English and a minor in Public Health. Her hobbies include: reading and writing advice columns, shopping on Magazine Street, and playing with her dog, Lydia.

Articles Katie Wiedner has contributed to:

The Complex Relationships Surrounding Fathers

All relationships are complicated, but those that involve fathers and their children are especially sensitive. We've explored a few situations we thought our readers might find interesting.

Tactful Texting: How SMS Can Affect Your Relationships

We've all heard texting disaster stories before - mis-sent personal texts, embarrassing autocorrect errors, misinterpreted sarcasm, and more! This month, Jane tackles the text-related barriers some of our readers have faced in their relationships and gives us some advice on breaking them down.

The Challenges of Dating the Divorced Man

Over the past few weeks our readers seem concerned with getting involved with divorced men and since marriages are breaking up at a phenomenal rate, we can't blame them. Here's our advice to navigate this difficult maze.

Navigating the Break Up

While some ladies say "I do" this year, there are lots of others saying "I don't" and moving on to new relationships.