Mackenzie Healey Shade

Mackenzie Healey Shade

Mackenzie is a senior at Tulane University double-majoring in Psychology and Asian Studies, and she’s thrilled to be contributing to the NolaWoman staff as the Executive Assistant.  She grew up mainly in New Jersey but has also lived in Georgia, Delaware, and Nevada.  In her spare time, you might find her reading on her porch, hanging out in Creole Creamery, or fighting misogyny on the internet.  Having dreamed of being an author since childhood, Mackenzie is looking forward to bringing her unique point of view to the women of New Orleans.

Articles Mackenzie Healey Shade has contributed to:

Join Henry Cruz in the Fight Against Diabetes

When misfortune and tragedy strike, it’s easy to let ourselves fall into despair until the wounds have healed. Henry Cruz, however, didn’t falter in the face of diabetes’ destruction upon his family.

It’s Just Rocket Science: Savannah Blue On Her Salon and Summer Hair Tips

We all know the hair frustrations that come with summertime: sudden rainstorms that ruin hours of styling, humidity that turns your sleek locks into a ball of frizz, and oppressive heat that makes it impossible to rock anything but a ponytail. Savannah Blue, owner, manager, and stylist at Rocket Science Beauty Bar, discusses her salon, her staff, and her tips for keeping your hair fabulous even in the sweltering New Orleans weather.

The ABCs of Hepatitis

In honor of World Hepatitis Day coming up on July 28th, NolaWoman spoke with gastroenterologist Natalie H. Bzowej, M.D., of Ochsner about the dangers of viral hepatitis and its lesser-known non-viral forms.

Sara Kavanaugh Gives Us the Inside Scoop on Champagne

Sara Kavanaugh, the Director and Sommelier at The Grill Room, took some time to teach us a little bit about champagne. Though traditionally an event or desert beverage, champagne can be paired with fine foods just like red and white wines, and its complex flavors can truly enhance the quality of one's meals.

Smart, Successful Siblings Redefine the True Meaning of Being Supportive Sisters

Lisa Tropez-Arceneaux and Janifer Tropez-Martin, who are both doctors, mothers and involved in the NoLa community, give new meaning to a support network. They are so close, that they already know what the other needs and wants without saying a word. Despite hectic schedules, their connection with each other is boundless and unbreakable. We should all be so lucky.